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The Mercy Auto Charitable Foundation Mission

We operate with a commitment to supporting key partner charities, notably the Mercy Auto Charitable Foundation Inc., a 501c3 organization established in February 2020, serving Clay County, Florida exclusively. We do not accept direct inquiries.

In Clay County, Florida, where public transportation is limited, access to reliable transportation is vital for employment opportunities. Acknowledging this need, Mercy Auto has dedicated itself to providing dependable transportation and repair services to the community. Through our foundation's initiatives, we've witnessed firsthand the positive impact on individuals and their families.

Our mission is unwavering: Mercy Auto endeavors to tackle transportation obstacles faced by Clay County residents. We work solely with referring organizations to identify and meet transportation needs.

Getting Families Back On The Road

We love helping people on the path to self sustainability. Whether its helping facilitate a vehicle or repair. Mercy Charitable is on the move!

Car Care Clinics

90% of the repairs we see could have been prevented with proper routine maintenance and upkeep. Our clinics are designed to help you make the most out of your transportation.

Everything Works Together!

Our partner Auto Shop - Mercy Auto - Ensures that our clients have access to properly cared for vehicles AND affordable repairs.